North East Essex

Below are all the Primary Care Network pharmacy details for North East Essex, details have already been circulated to pharmacies within each network, but any queries please contact the office

Clacton GP Alliance PCN updated January 2022

Colchester Medical Practice PCN




Creffield Medical Health PCN

East Hill and Abbey Fields Medical Centre PCN

Mill Road-Bluebell-Winstree Road, Lawford & Highwoods PCN 

Tendring PCN 

Ranworth PCN

This is a summary of the Clinical Directors and Pharmacy Leads for North East Essex

Clinical Director & e-mail Name Pharmacy OCS Code Pharmacy Lead PCN (10)
NE Essex Dr Tanvir Alam Kevin Western Day Lewis, Kirby Cross FLQ39 Clacton GP Alliance PCN
Dr Louise Bishop Dipul Patel Hutt Pharmacy FC645 Colchester Medical Practice PCN
Dr Allan Smith Claire Langan Abbeyfields FTA74 East Hill & Abbeyfields Medical Centre PCN
Rachael Morant Mary Babalola Day Lewis FPQ30 Mill Road, Bluebell, Winstree, Lawford & Highwoods PCN
Dr Freda Bhatti Prince Tachie Oakley FXX36 Tendring PCN
Dr Ajula Gunasekera Nik Shah West Bergholt FW890 Creffield Medical Group PCN
Dr Ayotunde Ajala Yolanda Valencia Lloyds FQ682 COLTE PCN Neighbourhood 1 ARA
Dr Shelley Cooper Sue Singleton Boots, Brightlingsea FWE04 COLTE PCN Neighbourhood 2 WCW
Dr Alan Speers Arinze Ejimbe The Hythe FGW89 COLTE PCN Neighbourhood 3 TMR
Dr Saima Qurban Tetanda Chiposi Day Lewis, Frinton FLY44 Ranworth PCN