Key deadline date reminder

Pharmacy Contraception Service Opt in via MYS by 29th February 2024, if you have previously delivered the Tier 1 service and are now ready to provide the expanded service (i.e. initiation and repeat supply), must opt-in by making a declaration on MYS.
Pharmacy Quality Scheme Declaration to be made by 1st March 2024
Flu Vaccination Service Service ends 31st March 2024 remove promotional material on display
Healthy Living Pharmacy A community engagement exercise must have been completed by 31st March 2024
Hypertension Case-Finding Service 31st March 2024, provided 20 ABPMs for 2023/24 to achieve the incentive fee
Covid-19 1st April 2024 Spring 2024 vaccines start
Pharmacy First 31st March 2024, have delivered a minimum of 5 clinical pathway consultations that cross the Gateway point to retain the £2000 initial fixed payment
Data Security & Protection Toolkit Toolkit to be completed by 30th June 2024